• Building Youth Resilience Through Community Connections

    Building Youth Resilience Through Community Connections

      Building Youth Resilience Through Community Connections is a climate-action-for-youth initiative, developed through a partnership between Resilience by Design Lab, with “on the ground” operations led by the dedicated team at Howl. Howl, located in Alberta’s Bow Valley of Treaty 7 territory, provides experiences for youth in skills training, service and volunteer and entrepreneurship training,…

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  • Place & Disaster Resilience Banting

    Place & Disaster Resilience Banting

    It has been evident for years that climate change has increased both the occurrence and the severity of natural hazard related disasters such as floods, storms, and wildfires. This 2017 research project explored the role of youths’ connection to place when confronted with a climate change related disaster and how best to support youth, their…

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  • Resilient Youth in Stressed Environments

    Resilient Youth in Stressed Environments

    Resilient Youth in Stressed Environments (RYSE) was a five-year international research project that  examined the psychological, social, and biological resilience of young people, their families and extended communities who are stressed by living in environments affected by oil production.  Vision Youth living close to industrial locations experience increased risks of harmful environmental exposures from regular…

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  • Imagining Canada’s Future

    Imagining Canada’s Future

    Imagining Canada’s Future aimed to identify knowledge about the ways in which energy production and consumption may affect children and youth, and recommendations for future research and action. Vision This project—Imagining Canada’s Future: A knowledge synthesis of research on children, youth & energy systems—examined existing social science literature related to the biological, psychological and social…

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  • Youth Designing Climate Resilience

    Youth Designing Climate Resilience

    The Youth Designing Climate Resilience project (YDCR) seeks to involve youth in design thinking to address climate change in their communities and understand how this kind of involvement can empower youth and those around them. YDCR works with youth, educators and communities across British Columbia and Puerto Rico.   Vision This project aims to create a…

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  • Alberta Resilient Communities

    Alberta Resilient Communities

    Alberta Resilient Communities (ARC) arose after the extensive 2013 flooding disaster in southern Alberta. The aftermath resulted in five years of youth-focused and youth-centric research conducted by the Resilience by Design (RbD) Lab, in partnership with the Alberta Resilient Communities Research Project. The RbD research teams, together with flood-affected communities in southern Alberta, focussed on…

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  • Pearson Collaboration

    Pearson Collaboration

    The Resilience By Design Lab (RbD) and Royal Roads Professional and Continuing Studies are joining with Pearson College UWC to offer two undergraduate courses to their students enrolled in the new Climate Action Leadership Diploma. The first of these courses provides a foundation in climate science, impacts and risks; the second bookends the program and supports students…

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  • Youth Voices Rising

    Youth Voices Rising

    Droughts have become commonplace and are intensifying as a result of global warming.  In 2016, a massive wildfire swept through northern Alberta and severely damaged communities in the Wood Buffalo region and the City of Fort McMurray.  The Youth Voices Rising (YVR) initiative joined with community partners to support youth engagement and decision-making during the…

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  • Gen Z & Climate Change

    Gen Z & Climate Change

    The Resilience by Design (RbD) lab recognizes the amazing potential of youth to be climate action leaders in their local communities. The Generation Z (Gen Z) and Climate Change project wanted to explore and contribute to the empowerment of young people by hearing what helps or hinders their participation in transformative climate actions. The Resilience…

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  • Youth Creating Disaster Recovery And Resilience

    Youth Creating Disaster Recovery And Resilience

    Youth Creating Disaster Recovery & Resilience (YCDR) was a research project focused on youth recovering from climate change-related disasters. YCDR engaged with youth in a number of disaster-affected communities in Canada and the United States to explore personal experiences and to incorporate their ideas to improve disaster recovery response.  Vision Youth Creating Disaster Recovery &…

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