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The Climate Action Competency Framework (CACF V2) is structured into Domains, Competency Areas within each Domain, and groups of Competencies within each Competency Area.

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Competency Explorer

Please start exploring by clicking on each of the six domains (each represented with its unique colour) or you can choose to jump on individual competency area (smaller petals).

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Learn more about the competencies by visiting Competency Framework Guide. You can also consult the latest (CACFv2) Revisions and Structure.

While the CACF v.2 is a robust, evidence-informed tool, it is also important to recognize that it is grounded in Western cultural concepts and language and ways of working. Where possible, we have tried to foreground in the suite of competencies the importance of understanding other perspectives, worldviews, and ways of working, especially those of Indigenous peoples. Indigenous peoples bring important historical and natural system knowledge into the planning and implementation of climate adaptation solutions. In this context, therefore, the CACF can provide the basis for a practical, systematic, and easy-to-use developmental road map for individuals, organizations, and communities who are integrating the practices of climate adaptation but does not replace the need to understand and work with Indigenous conceptualizations of climate change, climate adaptation, ways of working, and the wisdom of Indigenous peoples.