• Building a sustainable future

    Building a sustainable future is the opportunity of our time, and it requires political, economic, environmental and social momentum to tackle the complexity and the urgency  of the climate crisis. It requires people from many disciplines, extending far beyond climate scientists, emissions score-keepers, and ecological experts. Climate action capacity-building  is about welcoming and applying diverse…

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  • Climate literacy in K-12 – its going to take a system

    In a recent key note delivered to a group of 60 high school teachers as part of the Inspiring Climate Action in BC Secondary Schools, Brentwood Bay, I called for a systems approach to increasing climate education in K-12. Supporting youth to be climate action leaders is one of the best opportunities we have for…

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  • Competencies for Adaptation to Climate Change: An interview with Dr. Robin Cox

    (Previously posted on the Adaptation Learning Network Blog) Architecting the Competencies for Adaptation to Climate Change  In October 21, 2019, Ibbaka published an interview between Steven Forth, Co-Founder of Ibbaka, and Dr. Robin Cox about the development of a competency model for Climate Change Adaptation.    Here is an excerpt:  “A competency model can connect communities,…

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