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The RbD Lab is a space where researchers — faculty, students, post-doctoral fellows, and youth — can congregate face-to-face and virtually to focus our shared interests to explore community resilience, disaster risk reduction, social innovation, and creativity through participatory action research and mixed methods. The RbD has evolved from the collective input and energy of some amazing graduate and post-doctoral students, emergent researchers, and the creative and dynamic capacities of youth.


Youth Voices Rising project launches to ensure youth voice part of Fort McMurray wildfire recovery

In January 2017, the ResiliencebyDesign Research Innovation Lab launched the “Youth Voices Rising: Recovery & Resilience” project in the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo (RMBW) in Alberta. The Wood Buffalo region consists of ten communities including the urban centre, Fort McMurray. All these communities were impacted by the devastating Fort McMurray wildfire that started on May 1, 2016 and burned for two months before being contained.


The RbD lab presents Youth Voices in Focus: A crucial conversation about youth, disaster, and climate change adaptation. #CanadianYouthStepUp


Dr. Robin Cox, Dr. Leila Scannell, Tiffany Hill, and Roxy Trask facilitated a workshop on youth engagement and disaster risk reduction at the Seventh Annual National Roundtable on Disaster Risk Reduction and the CRHNet Annual Symposium in Montreal, Quebec.